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Valentin, a popular high school student is celebrating the end of his high school year with his friends. During the party Valentin is feeling extremely down as he often does. The next morning, on his way home he runs into Marion, a girl from his school, he had never met before...


Official Selection Colombia short film festival 2016

Official Selection Films festival Slovenia 2016

Official Selection Bangalore short film festival 2015

Official Selection Color international film festival in India 2015

Cast: Martin Combes, Léonor Taracena, Pierre Andrau, Sophie Chamoux, Camille Claris

Directed by: Philippe de Monts

Written by: Lisa Martin 

Executive Producers: Ilay Ron, Marilou Signolet and Ambroise le Guay

Produced by: Marie Cecile Lucas, Lisa Martin

Co Production with Trampofilms & Sandgate Productions

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