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Renaissance Eye Productions is an Award Winning state-of-the-art production company, offering comprehensive production services to its broad range of strategic partners within the entertainment industry.

REP relies on the traditional craft of film-making while bridging the gap for today's modern digital world.  REP offers its strategic partners and clients a full range of creative services, which will enhance any project from start to finish. Using the latest equipment, combined with our highly experienced crew, REP meets any creative endeavor with a flourish and exacts every deadline the client provides.


REP consists of writers, directors, and producers as well as a consortium of other well-respected creative and artistic professionals. REP films have been selected for over 20 film festivals worldwide including Cannes Film Festival and Santa Fe Film Festival. Based in Paris & New York, REP covers a variety of diverse genres from Period Drama to Action Sci-Fi As well as foreign films.

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