Renaissance Eye Productions is an Award Winning state of the art production company, offering comprehensive production services to its broad range of strategic partners within the entertainment industry.

REP relies on the traditional craft of film-making while bridging the gap for today's modern digital world.  REP offers its strategic partners and clients a full range of creative services, which will enhance any project from start to finish. By using the latest equipment, combined with our highly experienced crew,  REP meets any creative endeavor with a flourish and exact every deadline provided by the client.


REP consists of writers, directors, producers as well as a consortium of other well-respected creative and artistic professionals. REP films have been selected to over 20 film festivals worldwide including Cannes Film Festival and Santa Fe Film Festival to name a few. Based in Paris & New York, REP covers a variety of diverse genres from Period Drama to Action Sci-Fi As well as foreign films.


Founder of REP, Ilay Ron has proven to be a celebrated independent filmmaker, garnering professional praise for his recent collaborative film efforts released under his trans-Atlantic production company.


Ron's artistic instincts have proven to be a powerful tool in his collaborative efforts with artistic and creative minds from around the world, thus delivering exceptionally vivid and creative stories of which people of any culture may relate. Ron's is currently in post-production of his next feature 'Nefarious' slated to be filmed in Savannah, GA.


In addition working on a few other feature films that are in development. And also on a Sci-Fi Pilot entitled Galaxy 26.


Living in Paris she wrote and directed several short films. Marilou also works as an assistant director and as a location assistant both in France and in NYC.


She is the programmer of the festival Atmospheres in Paris, for cinema and sustainable development. Marilou is a Brooklyn College graduate with a Master Degree in Film and a Paris graduate with a Master's Degree in Philosophy. As the coordinator of REP Paris,


Marilou works on combining film production and sustainability for REP and other companies.

Her recent projects includes Madame Bovary starring Mia Wasikowska & Ezra Miller, and a feature film starring Award Winning Catherine Deneuve.


Chris JLB is director and Producer. 

She  directed two short films : Vicious Circle (2011) and Intimity (2012).

 In 2011, she created a short film festival in Paris called Entre 2 Claps. 

As a producer, Chris JLB collaborates with young artists, in creating new Films & TV formats with inspiring ideas.

In 2017, she products the court-metrage " Malgré Eux " de Djigui Diarra. The film has been screened in many film festivals and winning many awards.