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The year is 2094.  A massive meteor shower hits earth destroying everything.

A small group of people known as The Sashuras, who hold special powers, survived the blast. Now, facing a new enemy, The Ostragons, they must find new ways of survival...

Official Selection SOHO Film Festival 2015 


Cast: Dashiel Boam, Michael Galante, Charles Warburton, Patrick Stoffer, Alexandra Turshen, Thea McCartan, David Arkema, Jonathan Dwyer, Sarah Mason, Michael Novick, David Gray...


Executive Producers: Kenny Davis, Diana & Steven Novick

Directed by Ilay Ron

Produced by Benjamin Murray, Christelle Juteau, Marilou Signolet & Ilay Ron.

Written by Maurene Singer

Storyboard by Isaac Simchon

Story by Ilay Ron

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